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    12" Glass Galileo Thermometer
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    A Thermometer Based On A Principle Discovered By Galileo Galileo (1564-1642). Galileo Galileo. The Pioneer Of Modern Physics / Astronomy, Never Could Have Imagined That The Remarkable Thermometer He Invented Four Centuries Ago Would Become One Of The Most Attractive, Intriguing, Eye-Catching Gift Items Today. The Galileo Thermometer Is A Unique Looking Cylinder Filled With Colorful. Glass Spheres That Float. They Measure The Correct Temperature Based On A Fascinating Scientific Principal. What Galileo Discovered Is That Spheres Of Different Weights Would Rise Or Fall According To The Temperature. Due To The Fact That The Liquids In The Cylinder Contract Slightly At Higher Temperatures, The Spheres Rise / Fall Accordingly. In The Galileo Thermometer, The Lowest Floating Sphere In The Upper Part Of The Cylinder Tells The Correct Temperature. Look At A Glass Galileo Thermometer Is To Behold Not Only An Instrument That Tells The Precise Temperature, But Also A Work Of Beauty / Art. The Uniqueness Of This Item Will Challenge You Visually, Practically / Intellectually. The Galileo Thermometer Is A Conversation Piece That Leaves A Lasting Impression. Few Other Gifts Items Meld Design / Concept So Effectively.
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    Offer Valid: February 1, 2019April 30, 2019
    WMWO Chamber of Commerce

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